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The “Agripreneur 3.0” project, launched by the Agency for Agricultural Investment Promotion (APIA), the Ministry of Vocational Training, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy, the National Agency for Employment and Self-Employment (ANETI), and GIZ, aims to promote entrepreneurship in the fields of sustainable and innovative agriculture among young people, particularly in rural and disadvantaged areas. The project seeks to create an enabling environment for agricultural entrepreneurship by providing vocational training, financial support



Hours of training








The mission of the project included the implementation of a series of workshops on social and solidarity economy, green entrepreneurship, and circular economy. Through in-person training workshops, our office was able to support 350 young men and women from the project’s six regions in identifying project ideas in the agriculture and agri-food sectors.

At the end of the training sessions, participants acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify opportunities and develop solutions to challenges and needs within an agricultural value chain.
  • Analyze the market, their competitors, and define their value propositions.
  • Develop an initial draft of a business model, enabling them to elaborate on a more detailed business model canvas later on.

These workshops aimed to empower the participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to become successful agripreneurs, capable of contributing to sustainable and innovative agricultural practices while addressing the needs of their communities.

Our Project

Projet S A F A- FAST
Projet S A F A- FAST

The project (S. A. F. A) Supports and assistance to women through sustainable entrepreneurship is a response to the major challenges faced by Tunisian women in rural areas


To increase the employability of young people, women and NEETs in the agri-food and waste management industries by developing training oriented to both sectors and strengthening local governance and sector-skills alliances between economic actors and TVET institutions to align the education curricula with sector’s needs 



The ideation session within the Agripreneur 3.0 program was a crucial component that aimed to foster creativity and innovation among participants. This session provided a platform for participants to generate and explore unique project ideas in the agricultural sector


The module on idea concretization within the Agripreneur 3.0 training program focuses on transforming project ideas into actionable plans and strategies. This module aims to provide participants with the necessary tools and guidance to turn their innovative agricultural ideas into viable business ventures.