Analyst, Developer (Mobile Development)

Division: Information Technology
Job Grade: ET – ABO
Department/Unit: CTO


  • To assist in detailed design, programming, testing, and roll-out tasks for mobile application development projects, along with providing production application support.


  • Contribute to planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to the design, development, and implementation of mobile applications.
  • Contribute to planning the introduction of new application systems.
  • Assist in developing high-level designs of systems.
  • Perform coding duties according to the functional and technical specifications to solve a business problem.
  • Actively participate in program unit testing, integration, and system testing to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • Peer review solutions developed by fellow developers.
  • Assist in maintaining, supporting, and upgrading existing IT systems and applications.
  • Assist in designing, coding, testing, and documenting mobile application software.
  • Participate in the customization of application packages.
  • Review technical constraints and performance issues of solutions.


  • Percentage of user requirements met by systems.
  • Number of systems-related customer complaints.
  • Frequency of repeated quality audit exceptions.
  • Percentage of overdue incidents and problems.


  • Minimum of a first degree or its equivalent in a business/IT related discipline.


  • 1+ years of experience in designing, developing, and delivering solutions.


  • Working knowledge of mobile software development frameworks, concepts, and best practices.
  • Working knowledge of React Native and Flutter mobile application tools.
  • Working knowledge of structured systems analysis and design, and software development life cycle.
  • Working knowledge of relational database management systems and tools.
  • Proven technical aptitude in several relevant application programming domains.
  • Working knowledge of quality control/assurance.
  • Customer-centricity.
  • Creative, results-oriented, and analytical with a strong problem-solving capability.

Skill/Competencies (SFIA 5)
Core SFIA 5 Skill Requirements

  • Data Analysis (DTAN 2).
  • Programming/Software Development (PROG 2).
  • Systems Integration (SINT 2).
  • Porting/Software Integration (PORT 3).
  • Applications Support (ASUP 2).
  • Problem Management (PBMG 3).

Other SFIA 5 Skill Requirements

  • Requirements Definition and Management (REQM 2).
  • Information Content Authoring (INCA 3).
  • Learning Delivery (ETDL 3).

*Administratively reports to Senior Analyst, Developer (Mobile Application Development).

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