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The Mini Agripreneurs 2.0 Program, implemented in collaboration with APIA and ANETI, is part of the “Promotion de l’Emploi dans les Régions Rurales” (PERR) project. With technical assistance from Tamk-in, the program aims to foster agricultural entrepreneurship and job creation in Tunisia’s rural areas.

Through workshops and training sessions, we have provided 50 representatives from APIA and 50 representatives from ANETI with knowledge and skills in project ideation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to empower participants to develop innovative and sustainable agricultural projects.

With the support of la GIZ, APIA, and ANETI, the Mini Agripreneurs Program is dedicated to creating a thriving ecosystem for agripreneurs, driving economic growth, and promoting employment opportunities in rural regions.




Hours of training





Our mission in the Mini Agripreneurs Program unfolds in five phases:

  1. Preparation of the training manual for project ideation trainers, in close collaboration with Chemonics Egypt.
  2. Development of the training program for trainers in consultation with Chemonics Egypt, ensuring it is tailored to the local context and delivered in Arabic.
  3. Organization and facilitation of workshops to train APIA and ANETI trainers. This comprehensive 40-hour program was led by Tamk-in’s CEO, Ines NASRI.
  4. Supervision the training workshops conducted by the program’s learner-responsible officials.
  5. Overseeing the evaluation and certification process for ANETI and APIA trainers through a combination of online and in-person supervision sessions.

Our Project


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The Tunisian League for Citizenship and the German
The Tunisian League for Citizenship and the German

-Hanns Seidel Foundation Nov 2019 –Déc 2020 The mission was designed to Train ofTrainer in capacity building and learning by doing capacity building of center facilitators and young change-makers–Our mission: design Manuel and training Online trainer –E-Learning -economic and social empowerment of young people objectives ==== train 50 facilitators in youth development and action learning

Training Modules

Ideation Training

This training focuses on developing the skills and mindset needed for effective project ideation in the agricultural sector. It is designed to empower participants with the ability to generate innovative and viable project ideas that address the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Concretization training

Concretization training is designed to support participants in transforming their project ideas into actionable plans. This training equips aspiring agripreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to concretise their innovative concepts into tangible and viable agricultural projects.