A Mediterranean Success Story Shining at the Closure of the EBSOMED Project in Brussels

On June 16th, in the prestigious setting of the Economic and Social Council of the European Commission in Brussels, an awe-inspiring closing ceremony took place for the #EBSOMED project. This memorable moment was marked by the inspiring presentation of Tamkin, a company led with passion and energy by its CEO, Ms. Ines Nasri.

An ocean of contagious enthusiasm swept through the Mediterranean regional stage as Tamkin’s success story captivated the audience, captured on video during a spectacular training session as part of the PROAGRO program.

Over the years, more than 6,200 beneficiaries, including young people and women from rural areas, have had the incredible opportunity to participate in Tamkin’s development projects. These bold initiatives have contributed to shaping a resplendent Tunisia, where equality and equity shine brightly. Like a lighthouse guiding the way to the future, Tamkin is committed to creating a society where every individual can thrive and achieve their boldest dreams. Their audacious vision has captured the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to cross their path.

On this magical day, it was impossible not to pay tribute to Mr. Hedi Bchir and the entire team at Cawtar, as well as the EBSOMED team, whose unwavering support and unwavering encouragement have provided the solid foundation on which Tamkin has built its success. Their exemplary collaboration has made it possible to achieve the wildest aspirations and push the boundaries of innovation. In the shadows, these heroes have worked tirelessly to make Tamkin’s success story a resplendent reality.

Tamkin, a true shooting star of the Mediterranean, continues to forge its path with determination and inspiration. Guided by the passion of its CEO and the talent of its team, the company promises new grand achievements, demonstrating that the boldest dreams can materialize when believed fervently. Tamkin’s success story is a vibrant reminder that innovation, equality, and equity can harmoniously come together to create a better world.

The closing ceremony of the #EBSOMED project was an opportunity to admire Tamkin’s resplendent success story, which ignited the Economic and Social Council of the European Commission in Brussels.

EBSOMED is a project funded by the European Union.