PROGRAM : Support for the financial empowerment of young people in economic difficulty

MOBDIUN FONDATION works with young people living in working-class areas and communities targeted by violent extremist groups. Using arts, sports, and technology, we provide them with opportunities to build skills, access resources, and integrate networks to foster their creativity as builders of Tunisian society.MOBDIUN also mobilizes government, private sector, and civil society groups in order to encourage policy dialogue and lead change around youth issues and priorities. Using a human-centered design approach, Mobdiun’s local innovation consists in offering a set of free and quality services and activities addressing youth’s most pressing challenges and leveraging their untapped potential. This includes ongoing art and theatre programs as well as activities targeting socio-economic inclusion and professional development of the youth.

The mission consists of 5main phases:

  1. Design of Manuel, exercises, and pedagogic program.
  2. Development of all support packages, modules for each component, defining objectives, agenda as well as pedagogical and logistical details, evaluation methodology.
  3. The mission of training and coaching vulnerable young people in soft skills, economic empowerment, and social innovation -300 youth-design of Manuel, exercises, and pedagogic program.
  4. Capacity-building Training of center facilitators and young change-makers.
  5. To train, guide, and coach the youth leaders of the Kram area and the founders of associations.-100 change makers.

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