Tamkin and Kitamba: A Promising Partnership for Women’s Empowerment in Senegal

A new and promising era is dawning with the strategic alliance between Tamkin and the social enterprise Kitamba, within the Youth Hub Senegal. This collaboration aims to play a significant role in catalyzing socio-economic change by placing women’s empowerment at the center of their shared vision.

The Foundation of the Alliance:

The primary objective of this alliance is to educate, inspire, and support women in their financial and entrepreneurial journeys. By focusing their efforts on women’s empowerment, Tamkin and Kitambaa aspire to create a future rich in opportunities and fulfillment.

Kitamba and its Ambition:

Kitamba, whose name symbolizes dignity in Swahili, is on a mission to provide reusable sanitary towels to young girls and women of reproductive age in Africa. These products address the essential needs of women, enabling them to participate equitably in national and continental development.

Tamkin-In and its Expertise:

Tamk-in, a consulting agency specializing in training engineering and community communication in Tunisia, Africa, and the MENA region, brings expertise in key areas such as development, active citizenship, local governance, and gender equality. Their involvement strengthens the educational and entrepreneurial aspects of this collaboration.

The partnership betweenTamkin and Kitamba marks the beginning of a significant collaboration for women’s empowerment in Senegal. Together, these two entities strive to create a positive social impact by educating, inspiring, and supporting women, contributing to a future where equal opportunities and personal development are at the core of every woman’s journey

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